Bass Fishing Emoji Stickers Adds New Features!

What’s better than a fishing emoji app? A fishing emoji app that updates and adds new emojis and stickers often.

Since launch in late October 2017, Bass Fishing Emoji Stickers has made three major updates. Those updates have included performance improvements and over 45 new fishing emojis.

The new emojis allow you to express many more emotions to fishing buddies. And for those times when you can’t get on the water, custom stickers allow you to share even more moments and thoughts that only anglers understand.

Screenshot of Bass Fishing Emoji in the app store showing some of the new stickers
Just some of the stickers now available in the top emoji app for anglers

New Stickers For the Angler Who Wants to Express His/Her Self

Fish Face Emoticons – Two stickers for each expression – one masculine and one feminine

Wink Face Fish
Sleepy Face Fish
Rolling Eyes Fish
Heart Eyes Fish
Middle Finger Fish / Fish Flipping the Bird
Ok Hand Sign Fish
Smirk Face Fish
Thumbs Up Fish
LOL Fish
Haha Fish
Grin Face Fish
Kiss Face Fish
Thin Smile Fish
WOW Face Fish
Frown Face Fish
Tear-eyed Fish

Fishing Moment Stickers

Girl kissing big fish
Guy kissing big fish
“One Last Cast” Girl
“One Last Cast” Boy
“TOAD” Big Fish

Fishing Signs Stickers

“Gone Fishing”
“Bait your own hook. Clean your own fish. Tell your own lies.”
“Only beer, bait, and ammo allowed here”
“Good things come to those who bait”
“I’d rather be fishing”
“The Fishing Hole”
“Wishin’ I Was Fishin’”

Together, these make up the 70 fishing emojis and stickers available in the app. You can get all of them in one download on the app store. That includes the full keyboard for any messaging app and facebook, etc. as well as the iMessage keyboard with special drag-and-drop features for iMessage. Download the app here

Do you have an idea for an emoji you would like to see in the app? Fill out the support form here and let me know!

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